Our Story


Hi, I'm Kierstin - a petite woman with a passion for fitness and being active.

Growing up, I always struggled to find clothes that fit my athletic build. I would try on clothes in stores and feel disappointed with the way they fit my body. They were either too tight around my thighs or too loose around my waist and ALWAYS too long— talk about a confidence killer.

I was done waiting around for the fashion world to throw us vertically challenged ladies a bone. So, I rolled up my sleeves (well, I had to - because, you know, short arms) and dove headfirst into the petite fashion world. I researched, studied, and obsessed over finding clothes that actually fit our strong, athletic bods that make us feel like the boss babes we are!

I wanted to create a brand that not only provided functional and stylish clothing, but also a brand that is all about celebrating petite women and their badassery. (And let's be real, our clothes are so cute that even the tall girls will be wishing they were in our club!) 

Funsized is more than just a clothing store - it's a movement that celebrates the power and strength of petite women everywhere. We're on a mission to let the fashion industry know that petite women are a little-but-fierce force to be reckoned with and we deserve clothes that fit our strong, sassy bodies too.

So here we are cultivating a collection of petite pieces that fit like a glove, challenging the status quo, and having FUN along the way!



Looking for more than clothes?

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